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As patients, we all want access to the best possible healthcare. Do you know how to be a smart patient to make sure that you and your family get the best care?

Is your hospital safe? Are you happy with the treatment you receive from your physician or care provider? What can you do to be a responsible and safe patient?

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Sexual and Reproductive Health

Looking for information about sexual or reproductive health? These links will get you started.

Want to find information more specific to you? Check out our Sexual Health resources for Men, Women, Seniors, and Teens.

InteliHealth: Sexual and Reproductive HealthCheck here for basic information about sexual and reproductive health for men, women, teens, seniors, and other groups.

MedlinePlus: Sexual HealthResources checked by the National Library of Medicine containing information about sexual health.

MedlinePlus: Sexual Health IssuesInformation about sexual health issues and links to resources checked by the National Library of Medicine.

Quit Smoking Guide

Did you know that smoking and using tobacco is the most preventable cause of death? It's true. About half of the people who do not quit smoking will die of problems related to smoking. In the state of Maine, seven people die from causes related to tobacco use every day. One of these people will be a nonsmoker who was exposed to secondhand smoke. (Partnership for a Tobacco Free Maine: Facts)

Quit Smoking

When you quit... will be healthier. Within a few days of quitting, your circulation and blood pressure will improve. Your sense of smell and taste will be better. You will cough less and breathe easier too. will look better. When you quit, you will have whiter teeth and fresher breath. Smoking also causes wrinkles in your skin, so quitting may help you avoid wrinkles. will stay healthy longer. Quitting reduces your risk of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and cataracts. Your risk of getting cancer will decrease with each year that you stay smoke free. will have more money to spend. Smoking is an expensive habit. When you quit, you will be able to use that money for something else. will help those around you stay healthy. Secondhand smoke is a serious health risk. It can cause cancer, breathing problems, and heart disease. Pregnant women who smoke also put their babies at risk.

(Information adapted from

Are you ready to quit? Are you trying to find information for someone you love? Quitting is not easy, but there are many resources out there that can help. Your family doctor can help you find the best way for you to quit. You can also find help and information using the resources listed in this section of the Maine Health Forum.

You can get free and confidential help and support anytime by calling the Maine Tobacco Helpline at 1-800-207-1230.